Friday, June 14, 2019

A little break...

So the time has come to talk something over with you fine people. I am taking a vacation from Inner Child. I have a week's strips more to show you. I am sure many might see this as a great thing not having the guys clogging up your feed. Know, I am not gone forever. So if you will wait for me, and provided there is even a demand for my return to the comic strip efforts, I will return with more. It has been a busy time. What with moving into the house and soon, getting married. I would like to take some of that time to enjoy being with the wife and not thinking about jokes and spending tons of time drawing them. Let's be honest, the quality of the strip is suffering. I would rather take a break and come back with better stuff. You guys should have better comics to deliver your daily distraction. So, for now, I say good bye. Feel free to go back and reshare your favorites, find some new comics to read. Jill recommends Catana Comics. Till next time my friends.

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