As we grow, we usually change. I was no different. As a child I was always on the look out for new things to hold my short attention span. Movies, comics, games and books, you know, what ever I could find. As I got older, these things stayed around but adult responsibilities popped up. Every once in awhile I might see a figure or a game and buy it. Some call it nostalgia, I like to think of it as buying my inner child a present. I believe it is something anyone can relate to.
I never thought I would grow up to like going to bed, watching documentaries about wilderness and everyday things or even cleaning up my messes from time to time. It happened though. My younger self wanted to grow up and do something cool like become Robocop. That or make people laugh.
I couldn't do stand up and I never really felt I was good in front of a camera. I do and always have liked telling stories and I have always loved comic strips.
That is where the comic strip comes in. It's a bit of silliness. We all need it from time to time. Two parts of my personality have been given a home for you to visit.

We do hope you will stop in every day.


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