Saturday, September 2, 2017

One year anniversary sale!

My friends it has been about a year since I started this strip. As of August 27th, 2017 I drew my 52nd Sunday strip for Inner Child. It's a good feeling to think I have been entertaining you for this last year. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. The strip is growing both in quality as I learn how to better draw and in readership. There is still so much more work to do.

I wanted to celebrate in some way so for now, I thought I would run a month long sale. The original price of the book was $12.99. Through the month of September the new price will be $9.99! If you have Amazon Prime that will be that but if you don't there will be a little shipping and handling from them. Thanks for reading the strip, showing your friends and family, buying the book or writing reviews. Any and every one of those things means the world to me.

See you in the funny pages.


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