Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Yes, dear reader.

I have been thinking of something I could do with my homepage. Anything that would set it apart from Tapastic.com, Instagram and Facebook. The only real result of all the brainstorming would be my words. This is the place I can share my thoughts and commentaries because it is uniquely mine.
     Now if these words meet anyone else's eyes other than my own, I suppose that it fine too. This is my little world and I will carry on for awhile world-building alone if I must until perhaps such a day comes that people get excited about my work enough to talk about it with others, comment more and the shares multiply.

After all... I am still learning this whole comic strip thing.

    I got a PM on Tapas the other day. The message said "It looked like I put my heart and soul into my strip. Best of luck." That made me smile. That some random person looked in and took a moment to write a nice note. I am still not certain if they enjoyed the strip or not but it was nice never the less.
     In closing this entry I would just like to say keep watch there is still fun to be had, surprises to share, new characters to meet and oh, many, many random jokes, puns and life comparisons.

See you in the funny pages...

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