Monday, April 24, 2017

A Labor of Love.

     Every once in a while I like to write these. It sort of goes hand in hand with my comic strip. A running commentary if you like. In today's world it can be difficult. With the likes of YouTube and Facebook many are trying to use their talents for money.

I can't honestly blame them.

     But I do think there is a slight danger in this thinking. Follow me for one minute would you?
Okay, lets say that I am a singer and I am watching You Tube and this person is on the screen singing a song and has over a million views. I think to myself, I can do that and I go make my video. Once I am done uploading I wait...and wait.

I get no views and it looks like once again, I didn't hit the viral lottery. Oh well, let's try again. Surely it just got buried. Now the masses will discover my golden voice and it will be my ticket to easy street.

Same process, same result.

WHAT COULD BE WRONG? The singer in the videos only had five videos and now everyone loves them. He probably has contracts and all the money he could want now. What about me?

...What about me?

Months go by and more videos are made and more failures are taken in. Doubt begins to grow. Do I suck? Is that the problem? I have this gift I want to share with the world and make a living at it and NOBODY cares? Maybe I should give up singing....maybe.

     These doubts are now, I'm afraid so very common place nowadays. Look at the little girl on TV. The one that could barely speak English and was rude to everyone. She became a meme and is now getting a reality show and thousands of dollars in just for appearances. Many people can't wrap their heads around it.

Now I admit, I had started a couple projects myself with this mindset. It ends in ruin most every time. Inner Child is different though. Honestly, when I finally collect it, I may never make a dime. One day I hold hope that I can at least have it as a second job but I digress. It was created as a distraction. A distraction for me from my life because when I am at my little desk everything melts away. All my worries are put on hold. It keeps me sane. In part it was also created for you. As a momentary distraction from the world and it's negative aspects.

Truly a labor of love.

If you made it this far I congratulate you. Thanks for looking in and I hope you have a good day and find something to do that keeps you sane and brings joy to others.

God bless.

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